The development of integrated solutions is now much more complex than it used to be. Wind River is exceptionally qualified to help customers meet these challenges. Its solutions support a variety of architectures and are supported by first-class professional services and customer support, hardware integration know-how and a thriving partner ecosystem. Wind River products are used in all major infrastructure sectors by the world`s leading manufacturers, systems integrators, businesses and governments. At Arm, we work closely with Wind River to ensure that wind River simulation systems, tools and offerings are optimized for use by arm licensees. This collaboration offers great customer experiences with Wind River software on arm-powered devices. Several silicon suppliers allow the latest Wind River products such as VxWorks® for use in arm-based safety certification systems. With Bras and Wind River, software developers and architects can harness the full potential of arm-based SoC devices. In a world increasingly redefined by software, Wind River is at the forefront of Edge infrastructure technologies to accelerate digital transformation and accelerate the development of automated devices to stand-alone systems. Wind River Software operates the computational systems of key critical infrastructure that require the highest standards of safety, performance and reliability, including aircraft, rail, automotive, medical equipment, production facilities and communications networks. Wind River products, which are found in more than 2 billion devices, are used by the world`s leading manufacturers, system integrators, businesses and governments. Learn more about FindLaw`s newsletter, including our terms of use and privacy policies. The Wind River automotive software chassis portfolio uses Wind River`s proven history to provide software for devices that meet the highest safety, safety and performance standards.

With chassis, Wind River introduces VxWorks® (ISO 26262 – t-vzertified) and Wind River Linux, Wind River Helix™ Virtualization Platform and Wind River Drive, as well as free tools and services. Wind River Workbench and Wind River Diab Compilers are first-class tools that can improve design, production and maintenance while improving quality. Wind River Linux is the first free commercial software platform for the construction of embedded devices of all kinds. Wind River`s platform and services can help developers accelerate construction cycles by more than 30 percent, while reducing production and maintenance costs by up to 60 percent. VxWorks® is the market leader rtOS, which has a rich, unique, multi-core family development tree and has proven itself in more than 2 billion devices worldwide. The RTOS is familiar to more than 9,000 companies and has been chosen to go to Mars with NASA for nearly 25 years, including in the InSight 2018 Robot Lander.