Any appointment under this rate plan for the paper-point delivery of the Stagecoach Hub must have an accompanying receipt at the Stagecoach Hub for injection under a storage service contract or for transport or wheeling from the Stagecoach Hub as part of an FTS-2, ITS-2, FWS or IWS Service Agreement fare plan, which provides for a north/south-long transport service. In particular, customers have the option to show up for several days, months or years, provided that the appointment dates and final dates are included in the duration of the customer`s storage service contract. RATCHETSThe amount of gas customer can be injected and withdrawn at any time in accordance with the Customer`s Firm Storage Service Contract, subject to the following injection and payment provisions. The client chooses an injection and detox option using the Firm Storage Service Agreement `B`. No-Notice is combined with a customer`s rights to Firm Storage Service as part of a Firm Storage Service Agreement run for the Schedule FSS rate, to give the customer the added flexibility to automatically combine deviations from their appointments with the customer`s inventory. ..