The Microsoft Azure Fundamentals (AZ-900) trial is designed to measure your ability to understand the basics of cloud concepts and understand Azure`s core services. Security, data protection, compliance and trust as well as Azure prices and support. In this section, Microsoft continues to place great importance on security. Make sure you understand the different technologies and where they are used at a high level. This is a free azure blue tool to analyze the breakdown of associated resource costs. Each Azure subscription includes free access to the following basic support services: Azure Fundamentals audit provides the opportunity to demonstrate knowledge about cloud concepts, azure services, Azure pricing, ALS and lifecycle, as well as the basics of cloud security, data protection, compliance and trust. You can also subscribe to notifications when new Azure features are available for preview ( With the RSS power option on the Azure Updates website, you can receive these notifications via your favorite feed reader. The creation of services included in Azure`s account identity is displayed late in the program, but is another absolutely essential service that is understandable. You can select all services and resources and estimate the total cost. Microsoft Azure is a vast collection of cloud-based services and features, ranging from virtual infrastructure computers as a service to software and service offerings like Office 365. Azure subscriptions allow businesses to choose the Azure services and features they want to provide in the cloud. Before Azure is made available, it`s important to know how Microsoft charges for Azure services and what levels of support are provided.

There are three main features of ALS for Azure products and services, which are described in detail in the following sections. In fact, this is the official reference of the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals audit (AZ-900) review by Jim Cheshire. It provides professional preparation to help candidates prepare for the exam, maximize their exam performance and improve their skills for better opportunities. The audit reference focuses on the specific areas that modern IT experts need to demonstrate the real mastery of cloud services and how to deliver them with Microsoft Azure. Note: The price calculator contains estimates, not actual price offers. Actual prices may vary depending on the date of purchase, the payment currency you use and the type of Azure customer you are. We look at the factors that affect Azure`s costs and how you can minimize costs. In addition, we are looking at Azure support plans, Azure SLAs and the Azure service lifecycle.

This course includes an explanation of Azure subscriptions, the different types of subscriptions available and available options that can be used to save money in making Azure available. The course then focuses on Azure services, their price and, if applicable, the fare for the service and measurement.